Singapore’s best hotel?

Raffles Hotel Singapore
Raffles Hotel Singapore

One of the questions we always get about any destination  is “What is the best hotel there?” Maybe the best hotel ANYWHERE is the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. First completed in 1899, the Raffles Hotel has gone through many additions and restorations., the latest in 1991 which restored the hotel to its former elegance of 1915. The hotel is known as the grand lady of the Far East.

Today the Raffles Hotel has a shopping arcade housing boutique brands such as Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. The famous Long Bar is where our favorite cocktail, the Singapore Sling was first served. elegance in all respects is the hallmark of Raffles. Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to have lived like Rudyard Kipling? This is it! We evaluate all hotels against what Raffles offers its visitors. Located in the heart of Singapore, Raffles is a short walk to the Singapore Art Museum and  Asian Civilisations Museum.
If you are not up to staying here as a guest, feel welcome to partake of the fine dining or drinks on the veranda. To get the full effect, take the half-day tour of Raffles Hotel  including afternoon tea buffet at the Raffles Hotel’s renowned Tiffin Room.

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